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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Circle up the Books!

Yep cowboys and cowgirls, circle up them books and hide deep inside. Let the little hooligans race around and try to shoot you down! Thought about that today, though actually, it wasn't bad out there! Came in to see how my computers were doing after the updates and then off to LLI. I have my two best students graduating tomorrow and that will be a great thing for them! Back to the library and my three classes. Had the DLC come in and they took back to their room Grandma's Feather Bed from the John Denver song and also took the CD back to their room to go along with the book! Very sweet. One student had turned in books, but I was too busy to bother with him (that sounds horrid, doesn't it?) so at lunch, I asked if when he had finished eating if he'd like to come back to the library and check out, so I did that for him. Lunch, cafeteria duty, back to the library, up to Mrs. M's room where they were working on a Martin Luther King, Jr. timeline. Then back down to the library for my fourth class of the day, then back up to Mrs. M's class, which ended up coming down to the library to use the computers anyways! We were short headphones, so I went through my pile of headphones to see if any worked, and they didn't. Mr. M came in and we found the headphones with microphones for testing they needed to do. As soon as school was over, I made sure the library looked good for the night since there was a meeting in there tonight and headed off to the Elementary Library Meeting over at Yoshikai Elementary School. Didn't win any books this time, but got some good information to share with staff.

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