The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014


It was a whirlwind day. Into the library to start up the computers, then a meeting for our assembly on the Love of Reading on February 3rd. That went into LLI time, so straight over to the LLI room. Worked with my two kids, then out and off to the library for my four classes coming in.  I asked Mrs. S's class to help me out and clean up from last Friday, and it really didn't do too bad, and they were actually good today so I let their teacher know that they had done well. It was January author week, so for them we read a bit from The Hobbit and I told them a few things about Tolkien. Then a younger group that we read a Fly Guy book for Tedd Arnold. Then another group came in for Tolkien and two girls came up to me during check out and asked if I had noticed how nice the library was. I told them that yeah, I was surprised cause I thought it was in better shape than what I had remembered. Their parents had come in for a meeting, and the girls went into the library and and worked to straighten the library up! I gave them each a character buck for their great work! They had come in late, and such a huge class, that they are always still here checking out when my last class of the morning comes in and they have to wait for me. The teacher was upset that her class always has to wait, and then she tries to get in by their normal time at 11:20 because that's my lunch time, but today I just stayed and worked with her kiddos. By the time we were all done, I only had about 10 minutes left of my lunch and had to be out the door for cafeteria duty, so I just didn't bother. The kids are gone by 1:15, so I knew I could pick it up this afternoon. I had my back counter crazy with stacks of books, but I eventually got them sorted, and all the Everybody books sorted and put out onto the shelves and all the shelves straightened up. I did get a nice lunch, curled up in the window and read my book. Still have a lot of non-fiction to do and the fiction. But I'll have Monday to get everything all done and some of my backlist to get done as well!

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