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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Love of Reading

Today I was responding to emails about the Love of Reading month coming up, and found out that yes, it is February. I think I will offer to check out additional books to the students. Right now K,1,2 get one book, so maybe I will let them check out two, and 3,4,5's get two, so maybe they will get three. Started to take down my greatful for good books bulletin board and took down my author board and started putting up my January authors. Checked out a lot of my new books out today, and my bookcase I put them on top of is looking pretty slim already! Did my LLI class, then straight into reading for my classes. The two upper classes got Hans Brinker. We have a nice picture book edition, and we also have the original story as well. So I introduced with the original, then went into the picture book abridged version. I think it went well. The younger kids got a mixture. One group got The Three Snowbears and First Day of Winter. The other group got Snowglobe Family and Snowflake Bentley. Then lunch time, back to work on my bulletin boards and a quick meeting. Found out that I do have to work the 27th, and thought I had the day off. Rats. Had planned on going up the my daughter's for what I thought would be a three day weekend :(  Felt like I didn't get much done today, so much to do, so little time. I get so jealous of any time I spend out of the library.

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