The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

ENVoY Training

Today I came in early so I could leave a bit early to go to an ENVoY training. A lot of people told me I should go do this, so I did! It's all about classroom management which I sorely need to handle all the classes I do each week. So I picked up some tricks and have two more to do, so it looks like I've got a few new things to try! Today I did my LLI group, then back to the library for some shelving. Then up to Mrs. M's class to finish up the Box Tops for Education. Then I actually got a group to do a reading and took them down to the library. Then my lunch, then cafeteria duty. A little bit of library time - lots of books came in! Then back up to Mrs. M's class and they were working on art with Ms. J. So that's always fun, then some math and a big goodbye to one of our Willamette students who volunteers in the classroom. He's heading off to Prague for a study program and I am so excited for him! He talked about why he chose this to the kids and the kids asked him questions about Prague. It was fun. Then Mrs. M left me in charge while she had a meeting and luckily I had Mrs. L and Mr. D still there to help me out. Back into the library, shut everything down, shelved books and headed off to my class. Two more Tuesdays to go!

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