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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Books In!

Back last year I had gotten some new and new to Bush books to be processed in and they finally came in today! I was so excited! Not a lot, but a nice more than half shelf on a cart for the kids to see this week! I may put them out on the top of one of the bookshelves for easier viewing. Turned on computers, answered some emails and found that an ENVoY class starts next Tuesday (thank you Mrs. H!) so I signed up for that. It's all about classroom management and I need help! Had LLI this morning with all four of my kids. Went over silent letters k, g and w. Went over consonant blends. Looked at our new book for the night. Back to library and checking in books and a break. Then up to Mrs. M's room for the morning. She wasn't in there, but had pulled a pile of Martin Luther King books (and I guessed they were not checked out - shushhh!) so I took them down and checked them out to her. Also took some of the kids books they had in the book return box and checked them in. She had me write a date set on some reading records for the kids to take home. Did some reading with the kids when they came back from music, and then to my lunch time, then cafeteria duty for an hour, back to the library for a break and worked on shelving. Back up to Mrs. M's room for the afternoon. They were working on a writing project for new year resolutions so I strolled around and helped, suggested where they were having trouble coming up with ideas. Then it was learning about fractions with Mr. M for an hour or so. Then the kids worked on a birthday book for one of the students (they all draw a picture and write happy birthday thoughts, then we gather them and staple  them in a book.) then they went home. Back down to the library and I looked for my Baker and Taylor order, because one of my free books I had put on the order, and it's gone!! The entire order! I emailed and asked if it could be retrieved or if I have to rebuild my cart.

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